giving good help for a lifetime

Global Outreach

Generous funding for our Global Ministries allows Bon Secours to forge partnerships that advance the healing mission of Jesus Christ in underserved communities around the world.

Your support sent our doctors, nurses and other personnel on multiple mission trips to Ghana and Haiti to provide those communities with services from basic medical care to complex surgeries. In 2014, a team of 16 doctors, nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists traveled to Ghana where they treated more than 400 patients in four villages. Since 1990, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Fred McGlynn and his teams with Salva Vida (Save Lives) have shared their knowledge with Haitian physicians, nurses and medical students, and performed life-changing surgeries on individuals with orthopaedic deformities. Through our Haitian Healthcare Ministry, donations provided prenatal and maternal services for women in Haiti.

In 2014, more than 30 doctors and nurses took four service trips and treated more than 500 patients.